Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Who I am - Shanora Williams

Some stories aren’t easy to tell.

Some situations aren’t easy to relive.

But I was raised to be strong—to hold my own. Because of it, I was hurt, torn down, beaten and even had my heart snatched right out of my chest.

But I’m ready now. It’s time for me to speak up. You want to know what really goes on inside my head, well I’m right here.

Real. Raw. Intense.

This is all me. Roy Sykes. This is my story, and trust me… its far from pretty.

This book was honestly AMAZING!
I was always intrigued by Roy, why was he so quiet and that is what made me so interested about him.

Int his book you will know EVERYTHING about Roy, as the book is call ''Who I Am'' you will absolutely know who he is.
You will read about his dark past, which was unexpected to be honest. 
Everything around him is hard between his mom and the one he fell in love, nothing in his life is easy, you will understand why is he so close and you will feel for him, have the need to hug him and you will doble care for him.

“A huge part of me died after my encounter with Rose and mom’s death.”

Now the love between Roy and Kelsey are SOOO good together, they are meant to be together, she is definitely his rock and he loves her so much. It makes you see that it doesn't matter how fucked up your life was/is you will have someone to be there next to you, walking with you.

''I'll never let something this good to me go. Not again. Not ever''

But if you want to find more about this book, you should go buy it and read it. YOU WILL LOVE ROY SO MUCH. If you are like me, who loves him since book 1 you will love him much more.
I enjoy this book a lot so if I can give it 6 stars I will give it. 


New York Times & USA Today Best Selling author Shanora Williams considers herself one of the wondrous, down-to-earth authors who's all about romance and the paranormal... but of course she always makes room for the many other genres out there. She was born and raised in North Carolina but plans on taking trips all around the world as she grows in age.
She's a huge lover of Starbucks and a big kid when it comes to Haribo Gummy Bears. If she could swim in Coca-Cola she would. She's a very avid reader and a fan of many other independent authors.

She writes under the pen name S. Q. Williams.


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