Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Game by HJ Bellus; 5 Stars Review

**Mature Content Warning** Recommended for ages 17+ due to language and sexual content. 

Born to shine. 

Groomed to dominate. 

Levi Wilks is destined only to be a champion… 

Number one on the field, in the record books, and in every fans’ heart. This star QB is perfection from head to toe. Only his looks rival his talent on the field. 

Not one flaw to be found…that is, until he looks in the mirror… 

Levi sees his dad’s dreams, his mother’s demands, and lost dreams of his own. Dreams that vanished one by one as his life, and career, were carefully etched out for him by others. 

He was always jealous of his younger brother Lincoln, a carefree spirit . Some nights he’d pray for a normal life. An average life. But that wasn’t who he was, he’d never have the courage to be like him. 

But what happens when Levi is forced to sit on the sidelines for a couple of games? 

At the lowest part of his career, he finds himself magnetized by a blonde beauty. 

This unexpected girl challenges everything he knows… 

And dares him to fight for everything he wants… 

Is Levi Wilks ready for her? Is he ready for “The Game” of his life?

The Game

HJ Bellus is turning to be one of the amazing authors I will read their books without reading the plot. Yes, she is that good.

The games is the story Jazzy and Levi, we met them on the first book (That Girl) but this book can be read as a standalone. I always worried about what happened to Jazzy, so to know that this book was about her, it just amazed me! I fangirl for probably 10 minutes when I read Jazzy. 

The relationship between Jazzy and Levi is so funny yet darkish, the can’t stand each other, which builds this sexual tension and I love sexual tensions, because you are always thinking ‘’JESUS JUST KISS ALREADY’’ 
This couple is one of my favorites, ever.

"We have it all, Levi. If we can fight to be us in the world."

Levi besides being a manwhore, he is very sensible and has a beautiful heart. It will get to your hearts even if he annoys you most of the time.
Jazzy on the other hand, looks like a hard to love girl, but given her past is understandable, but to know where she is today, how she walked over the broken glass of her past to where she is today it is so great.

"I need to come to terms with the fact that Levi Wilks is my own personal wrecking ball, set out to destroy every single piece of me."

What I love the most about this book is all the feelings you have while reading it, you will laugh, you will cry, your heart will heart, you will get surprises some good and some bad. It was a roller coaster.

HJ Bellus congratulations on this AMAZING book. I can’t wait to read more from you.

I give this book 5 Stars.


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