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Let Love Heal by Melissa Collins; Review Tour

LLH Review Tour

LLHeal_FrontCoverPerfection. We all strive for it, but what happens when the desire to be perfect consumes you? What happens when the need to bury your mistakes blinds you? Melanie Crane has always been the perfect daughter, friend, student – she’s been perfect at everything, in fact. But when she lets her insecurities, the ones that she keeps hidden from everyone, get the best of her, she falters in her pursuit of perfection. Melanie crumples under the pressure and buries her pain. Numbed by sadness and guilt, she is determined never to let anyone find out how broken she really is. Bryan Mahoney may appear to have everything in order. He’s charming, witty and completely swoon-worthy. In short, Bryan has life all figured out, but appearances can be deceiving. When the landscape of Bryan’s family changes in an instant, he’s left to pick up the pieces. Not all bruises leave a mark. Now, weary and afraid, Melanie and Bryan must find a way to let love heal their broken and jaded hearts.



I need an standing ovation for Melissa here pleaseee!!! (If I ever met you I'm gonna hug you and cry ok?) This book was AMAZING! First of all the girl is a curvy girl (LIKE ME :DD CURVES POWER) I love reading books with curvy girls because it gives me something to dream and it will feel real (Because let me be honest I love every single book but they are all with skinny girls so a curvy love book is awesome!).

This book is about Melanie (You met her in the first two books of this author Let Love In and Let Love Stay) and Bryan (A SEXY GODNESS CUTE BABY COMPUTER GUY), they both met each other one day and immediately they hit it off, in this book you see how Melanie struggles with her confidence (like all of us, but as a curvy sometimes you feel insecure about yourself because usually boys like skinny girls not all of them but a lot of them) so here you read how she find herself, how she learn to love her self in order to let another love her (in this case, Bryan Sexy Boy <3)

I personally love it because I'm Melanie, physically a little bit, emotionally is me, it was reading myself in another book, and it was hard because reading her insecurities it was reading mine so is kind of shocking, but just like she did it, you know you can do it! I think a lot of girls will love this book and you should totally read it! 

Thanks for this book Melissa, it was AMAZING can't wait to read more books from you <3
Thanks for writing it <3


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Melissa Collins has always been a book worm. Studying Literature in college ensured that her nose was always stuck in a book. She followed her passion for reading to the most logical career choice: English teacher. Her hope was to share her passion for reading and the escapism of books to her students. Having spent more than a decade in front of a classroom, she can easily say that it’s been a dream. 
Her passion for writing didn’t start until more recently. When she was home on maternity leave in early 2012, she read her first romance novel and her head filled with the passion, angst and laughter of the characters who she read about it. It wasn’t long before characters of her own took shape in her mind. Their lives took over Melissa’s brain and The Love Series was born. 

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