Wednesday, August 13, 2014

That Girl - HJ Bellus ; 5+ Stars review

This book is about That Girl…

The girl who leaves behind her past, including her name; runs away from home and vows to never let another identity claim her again. Broken dreams, an abusive step-dad and ugly memories from her childhood are the only shattered remnants that have the ability to haunt her. 

With no money, an endless blank slate laying ahead of her and no hopes for the future, she sets out to survive at minimum wage jobs, moving from town to town, changing her name with each move, and never allowing glimpses of her past to threaten her empty future. 
Average in every way, from her looks to her personality and even her style, there is not much to remember about her. When she abandons one town for another, she leaves behind her fake identity in the search of the next one, while leaving people asking themselves, “I wonder what ever became of that girl.”

This was her reality until Lincoln Wilks.

The number one defensive football player in Fort Collins who finally names That Girl.

I got this book thanks to the author for a exchange of an honest opinion. This is the first I read by this author and I have to say, she BLE MY FREAKING MIND AWAY! This book was full of emotions, its being really long since I felt so much in a book, felt the pain of a girl who was only love by her best friend and the father of the best friend. The fact of now having a family who would love her is something that painful to write.

For real beware because you will feel too much here: the sadness, the confusion and the happiness of Oakley and Lincon.
Now this book has the character Lincon and I adore this guy because he was so good with her, treating her everything you want in a relationship, he was the best friend, the shoulder to cry, the support, the lover, the boyfriend. He was everything and it was the best thing to read.

I have to say that That Girl was close to my heart, not because I know the pain she went through but because she was lost, her past defined her for a long time and she tried to ran away, and I think we are all like that, a past we have that define us and that we try to run away from it. But I think the past is what made you, good or bad is experience and you shouldn’t change it because it will make you who you are, a beautiful human being.
Just like Oakley a hard past? yes a Fucking hard one! but if it wasn’t for that she wouldn’t be who she really is now.

So Oakley for me is a strong girl, someone you will understand and enjoy reading!

HJ Bellus made an AMAZING job with this book and this is the kind of books I wish I could delete from my mind and re-read it so i can relieve it as the first time.

Good Job!!

5+ Stars


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