Monday, July 28, 2014

The Other Side of Someday - Carey Heywood. -Review

Falling in love? Courtney Grayson has been there, done that.

Men, who needs them? Love wasn’t everything she thought it would be. This time around she’s doing things differently. She hasn’t sworn off men for good, just isn’t interested in settling. Trusting someone with her heart again? Someday, but not today.

Falling in love? Sorry, Clay Bradshaw is not the guy for you.

He’s never been in love and he doesn’t see it happening. Hooking up can be fun, but more often than not, women are a distraction he doesn’t need. He’s a busy man, and doesn’t have time to date, let alone fall in love. Will someone ever change that? There’s always a chance, someday.

Life doesn’t always go as planned, and love may find them both on the other side of someday.

The fact that I love Carey Heywood books is not old news, I love her and her books. But this book was another story I loved it from the first to the last page. Carey can captivate you from the first sweet word or from the first sad moment until the last page to see the final of the situation, and its a ride you will enjoy.

Clay was a character I feel in love in no time, and he got something that just captivate my attention, he was not only sweet he was sensual also sexual. He knew how to be a man but also how to be a friend, he could be a lover also he could be the kind of one night stand you wish you have or had. Clay is just my dream guy everything in one sexy lovable body.

Before I talk about the relationship he and Courtney had let me talk about Courtney.
Courtney was a strong character, who was first in love but sadly he was not much of in love. And what I love the most about her is that she was strong, she didn’t let the guy put her down, she fight to move forward and this is something I like to read, cause we, women, are strong if we get our heart broken, of course we will cry but we know were we stand and were is the best to go from that point. So yes I loved this girl she is one hell of a character!

Now Clay and Courtney they are just ADORABLE together, when you read this book all the chemistry, the love, the friendship they have together is lovely to read. They both care so much for each other and also want to get through everything together, I just fjdnlaskfdjna I CAN’T OK I CAN’T!

So because of all of this I don’t why you have not read this baby, trust you will love him. He is a nice, hot guy to read. You will love this book trust me on that. 

I give this book 5 Stars!


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